Ferrules Gold 333

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Ferrule sizes Width x Height x Length:

Ringe abgedreht Breite x Höhe x Länge Violin standard 13,3 mm x 6,1 mm x 9,0... more


Gold 333

Ferrules Gold 333
Ringe abgedreht

Violin standard13,3 mmx6,1 mmx9,0 mm
Viola standard14,0 mmx6,3 mmx9,8 mm
Cello standard15,3 mmx7,0 mmx10,5 mm
Bass niedrig20,5 mmx9,7 mmx15,0 mm
Bass breit22,0 mmx9,5 mmx15,0 mm
Bass Pfretzschner20,5 mmx9,6/8,7 mmx18,0 mm


We are happy to help you design a bow frog and a button according to your specifications. Our craftmanship, the new technologies and the big variety of precious metals offer you a nearly unlimited choice for individual design.
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