Inch thread 3 mm, Violin eyelets, Brass

For violin and viola

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Shank diameter x lengh x width:

Size overview S x L x B Violin/Viola 3,0 mm x 5,0 mm x 3,85 mm... more


Viola, Violin

Inch thread


Inch thread 3 mm, Violin eyelets, Brass
Size overview

Violin/Viola3,0 mmx5,0 mmx3,85 mm
Violin/Viola3,1 mmx5,0 mmx3,85 mm
Violin/Viola3,2 mmx5,0 mmx3,85 mm
Violin/Viola3,3 mmx5,0 mmx3,85 mm
Violin/Viola3,5 mmx5,0 mmx3,85 mm

Shank (S) diameter
Length (L)
Thread (T) diameter


We are happy to help you design a bow frog and a button according to your specifications. Our craftmanship, the new technologies and the big variety of precious metals offer you a nearly unlimited choice for individual design.
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