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FAQ Perfection Pegs

Where can I get the Perfection Peg pegs mounted on my instrument?

Our luthier locator provides a selection of violin makers who sell and install fine tuning Perfection Pegs.

Luthier locator

As a musician, can I install the pegs myself?

We recommend that the installation should be performed by your local luthier.

Can gut strings be used for the Perfection Pegs?

Gut strings can be used. However, the holes for the strings in the Perfection Pegs  must be drilled out.

How do I choose the right size for the Perfection Pegs fine tuning pegs?

In order to achieve an optimal fit, all peg holes of the instrument must be measured before ordering. The measurement must be taken at the point where the peg enters the pegbox on the peghead side.

Can the heads of the Perfection Pegs be changed?

The peg heads are permanently glued. If a custom peghead model is desired to be mounted, Perfection Pegs can be ordered without a head.

What does the B and T on the underside of the peg shaft stand for?

There are two types of pegs in each set: pegs for the high strings marked with a T on the bottom of the shaft and pegs for the low strings marked with a B. T stands for Treble and B for Bass.

What is the reduction ratio of the pegs?
What is the taper of the Perfection Peg pegs?

The pegs have the usual taper of 1:30 for violins. For cello it is 1:25.

What tools are needed to install Perfection Peg fine tuning pegs?

Peg reamer (standard profile violin 1:30, cello 1:25), Marking pen, Saw – fine tooth, File – fine-tooth, Sandpaper – fine, Material for polishing, Optional - Reversible glue

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