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92010.png Abrasive cloth sheet
Sheet 230x280 mm
Order number: 92010
90080.png Micro lapping film
Sheet 216x280 mm
Order number: 90080
930151.png Micromesh
Stripes 153x82 mm
Order number: 930150
930151.png Micromesh
Roll 153x1000 mm
Order number: 930151
930151.png Micromesh
Roll 153x3000
Order number: 930152
9401618.png Rhyno Nylon Web
Sheet 150x230 mm
Order number: 9401618
9403180.png Rhyno sponge pads
Sheet 115x140 mm
Order number: 9403180
9402050.png Rhyno Wet
Sheet 230x280 mm
Order number: 9402050
9404120.png Rhynolox plus
Sheet 230x280 mm
Order number: 9404120


We are happy to help you design a bow frog and a button according to your specifications. Our craftmanship, the new technologies and the big variety of precious metals offer you a nearly unlimited choice for individual design.
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